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ReBOOST™ Floor Traction Cleaning Solution

ReBOOST™ has been chemically formulated to maintain the DCOF Threshold Value achieved after a BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatment is applied.

  • Safely and easily applied by your existing Building Service Contractor (BSC), housekeeping or grounds personnel.
  • Does not require costly professional application.
  • ReBOOST™ is recommended for floors previously treated with BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatments. *Pretreatment of floor is not required 
  • Non-hazardous, therefore won’t endanger you, your staff, or your guests from VOC’s or overpowering aromas

*ReBOOST™ is sold in boxes of 8 quarts.

*Orders placed after 2pm CST will ship the next business day.

Note: Please be advised that all product sales are final sales.  No returns can be accepted. 
*Cancelled orders will be subject to a 3% cancellation fee.

*This product contains acid, therefore next day shipping is unavailable.

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ReBOOST™ Floor Traction Cleaning Solution