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Our company, Safety Direct America, has been involved with Regan Scientific Instruments since 2008, and we are distributors of the BOT-3000E. I am very impressed with Regan’s world-class manufacturing facility, associated with Vario- systems in Dallas, and Regan’s deep involvement in research conducted in university tests comparing BOT-3000E measure- ments with human traction testing. The BOT’s design and manufacturing quality are outstanding.

George Sotter
Safety Direct America

The BOT-3000E has been a vital instrument in Scientific Testing Technologies floor/surface preventative testing program. The BOT-3000E with all its precision, effortlessness and durability provides our company the ability to reduce human error when providing over 6000 tests per year.

John E. Kovacs
Scientific Testing Technologies

Our relationship with Regan Scientific Instruments has exceeded our expectations in terms of technical support, guidance, education, and customer service. The BOT-3000E has been a game changer for our companies continued growth and development. We have long been considered the #1 remediation solution for slippery floors but the adaption of supplying our Distributors with a BOT-3000E has took our company to another level.

Dustin Hapka
Sure Step

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of Regan Scientific Instruments in the floor safety industry. Over the past six years my company, Safe Space Ingenuity, has developed a strong working partnership with Peter Ermish and his team. Together, our companies are making great strides to enhance floor safety through slip resistance testing. We are now packaging the RSI BOT-3000E, with our Secure Tribometry Evaluation Platform (STEP). This partnership delivers user-friendly slip testing to the World.

Patricia Vassallo
Safe Space Ingenuity

Working together with Regan Scientific Instruments as a technical partner has been an outstanding experience. At GripOn Nonslip Solutions, the implementation of Dynamic Coefficient of Friction testing and monitoring as per ANSI A326.3, has been a powerful add-on to our integrated services. We definitely would like to commend on the reliability of the BOT-3000E and the solid support from the Regan Scientific Team.

Felix Dorante

I am an expert witness that has been retained in over 200 cases. I often incorporate the BOT-3000E to assist me in concluding the degree of slip resistance present on a walkway surface. What differentiates the BOT-3000E from other tribometers is its data court room enhancements. As an advocate for safer walking surfaces, I highly recommend the BOT-3000E.

David M. Gill
DMG Inc.

Nu-Safe began using the Sellmaier slip tester in 1998. Since then, Regan Scientific's experts have continually worked on improving the technology for measuring slip resistance, exceeding our expectations. We have performed over 1.2 million field tests using the BOT 3000-E and its earlier versions for floor safety evaluations and anti-slip treatments. Nu-Safe highly recommends the BOT 3000E as the most reliable scientific instrument for on-site testing of DCOF. We appreciate their commitment to making floors safer.

Patricia Fisher/CEO