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Slip Test Services


WMG has teams of auditors throughout the U.S. that can provide in-field Coefficient of Friction (COF) testing on all hard walkway surfaces. WMG tests to  the American National Standard (ANSI) A326.3, “Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials.” WMG uses the RSI BOT-3000E Tribometer, the only device approved for use with ANSI A326.3. Use our slip test services to validate COF values on new floor surfaces prior to occupancy, to monitor the effect of maintenance and pedestrian traffic on available slip resistance, and to measure the effectiveness of floor care products. Upon completion of the in-field testing an audit report will be prepared in accordance with the ASTM F1694-14, “Standard Guide For Composing Walkway Surface Investigation, Evaluation, and Incident Report Forms for Slips, Stumbles, Trips, and Falls,” and the ASTM F2048-00, “Standard Practice for Reporting Slip Resistance Test Results.” The audit report will include:
  • a testing diagram with test location(s) and testing conditions identified
  • a description of the hard surface flooring conditions, as per ASTM standards
  • an executive summary of “ANSI A326.3 American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials.”
  • all DCOF Measurements and a statistical analysis of DCOF results
  • tribometer reports which include a timestamp, a date stamp, photos, and graphs of each individual DCOF sample


Our partner Consumer Assurance Test Lab (CATL) is an independent test facility accredited to the ISO-17025:2017 Standard. The lab is fully equipped to measure the slip resistance of flooring and floor care products.

CATL tests are conducted in accordance with the following measurement standards:
  • ANSI A326.3 (2018) Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials
  • ASTM E303-93 (2018) Measuring Surface Frictional Properties Using the British Pendulum Tester
  • ASTM F2913-19 Measuring the Coefficient of Friction for Evaluation of Slip Performance of Footwear and Test Surfaces . Flooring Using a Whole Shoe Tester
  • DIN 51130 (2014-02) Testing of Floor Coverings - Determination of the Anti-Slip Property - Workrooms and Field of Activities with Slip Danger - Walking Method - Ramp Test

Upon completion of the testing, a report will be issued as suggested per ASTM F2048-00 (2017) and will comply with all of the requirements per ISO-17025:2017.
Anything above and beyond this must be submitted to the lab prior to testing.