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Calibration & Repair

Why Periodic Calibration is Important

Various types of precision measuring instruments require periodic calibration services to be performed. This is often due to the effects of stress, elapsed time, and environmental factors. Many precision measurement instruments like the BOT-3000E are designed to compensate for the effects of change through periodic adjustments or calibrations. The BOT-3000E alerts the user when it is time to return the unit to the factory for the annual calibration and evaluation service. If the unit is not re-calibrated by the due date, a text will appear on each test result printout indicating an “out of calibration” status. Measurement data collected with an "out of calibration" instrument may be considered unreliable.

Callibration & Repair

Please Note the Following to Have Your Instrument Calibrated:

  • You will need to enter in your serial number of your instrument. This is required. 
  • Select yes or no if you would like your instrument to receive the latest updates at no cost. 
  • While in checkout, the shipping options are for Regan Scientific to ship your instrument back to you. You will need to arrange shipment of your instrument to us. Please place a copy of your paid order inside the case for faster service. DO NOT place locks on the case. Use plastic zip ties instead.

IMPORTANT: Please ship the unit in its protective Pelican case--> Attention: "RSI Service" to our address at 400 Gerault Road, Flower Mound, TX 75028, along with the VERIFICATION MASS. PLEASE SAVE ANY TEST DATA AND REMOVE ANY LIQUIDS FROM THE KIT BEFORE SENDING TO US.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer provide services for the obsolete 3000 model.

Repair Services

To obtain a quote for repairs, please send a request to:

Price: $450.00