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BOOST ™ Cleaning Solutions


ReBOOST Plus™ has been proven to increase traction, resulting in fewer slips and falls. This cleaner will keep employees and customers walking on high traction surfaces to protect their best interest physically and financially.

  • Safely and easily applied by your existing Building Service Contractor (BSC), housekeeping or grounds personnel.
  • Does not require costly professional application.
  • Pretreatment of floor is not required.
  • Non-hazardous, therefore won’t endanger you, your staff, or your guests from VOC’s or overpowering aromas


ReBOOST™ has been chemically formulated to maintain the DCOF Threshold Value achieved after a BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatment is applied.

  • ReBOOST™ is only recommended for floors previously treated with BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatments
  • If your floors have received a BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatment contact a sales representative directly to order ReBOOST™.