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The mission of Regan Scientific Instruments (RSI) is to prevent slip and falls through the advancement of the science and practice of tribology. After several years of research and development, RSI has developed the BOT-3000E. Our state-of-the-art BOT-3000E is the only Tribometer which currently meets the new ANSI A326.3 Standard, “American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials” set in 2017.

Training and technology, which meet industry standards, are the best defense against slip and falls. At RSI, we believe it is our responsibility to market the most advanced technology to measure the potential for a slip and fall. We are also committed to taking a pro-active approach to certification training. We now offer our clients a special educational certificate program through the University of North Texas, College of Engineering. This certificate program will educate Auditors on the proper use of the BOT-3000E, in conjunction with the new-to-market proprietary STEP application. STEP connects to the BOT-3000E through Bluetooth and offers real time data.

The superior capabilities of the RSI BOT-3000E have been documented in major case studies with CNA Insurance and Westgate Resorts, through their slip and fall prevention programs. It is our firm belief that with the proper training and technology, building owners/managers, as well as facility or maintenance engineers, can minimize their exposure to slip and fall accidents and the subsequent litigation. Measurements taken by the RSI BOT-3000E are not only secure, but they stand up to the Daubert Principle in a court of law.

Using the RSI BOT-3000E to audit and monitor your floors is the right tool for the job, plus it is the tribometer of choice in the floor safety industry!