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About Us



  • Launched the BOOST™ MAX and BOOST™ MAX PLUS Slip Resistant Nano Sealant Line
  • Signed 30+ Franchisees across the USA
  • Moved our Headquarters and Franchise Training Center to Flower Mound, Texas
  • Educated, Trained, and Certified 1000's of professionals across the Floor Safety Space, through Continued Education Courses, Professional Certification Courses, And Franchise Training Courses


  • Launched the WMG Franchise Opportunity
  • Signed 21 Franchisees across the USA
  • Launched the BOOST™ Traction Enhancing Treatment Line
  • Partnered with CNA Insurance as an Allied Vendor
  • Partnered with AIA as Professional Educators in Floor Safety
  • Educated over 250 Architecture Firms on "How To Properly Specify a Slip Resistant Floor"
  • Sponsored a Phd Dissertation on Fabrication and Testing of Biomimetic Microstructures for Walkway Tribometers
  • Broke ground on the new WMG Headquarters and training facility in Flower Mound, TX


  • Walkway Management Group (WMG) is formed for the purpose of providing total floor safety solutions
  • STEP Application is available for download. This Bluetooth app allows for remote data collection, evaluation and reporting
  • UNT releases an online version of their Walkway Auditor Certificate Course
  • Consumer Assurance Testing Laboratory (CATL) is founded, and is dedicated to slip resistance product testing and certification
  • ISO Laboratory accreditation initiated
  • WMG is appointed exclusive selling agent for BOT-3000E Tribometer, STEP Application, CATL, UNT Walkway Auditor Course
  • WMG announces the introduction of its BOOST line of professional Floor Traction Solutions (traction enhancing cleaners and treatments)


  • TCNA published ANSI A326.3 standard test method for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of all hard surface flooring materials
  • This method expands the application of the A137.1 methodology to all hard surface floors both in the laboratory and in the field under clean and prevailing conditions
  • ANSI A326.3 calls for a target threshold of DCOF 0.42 for both wet and dry floors


Walkway Management Group is the leader in walkway testing technology and services that protect our clients from the dangers of a slip and fall accident. Our national network of safety professionals and service support team offers a comprehensive approach to walkway hazard detection, remediation, and maintenance. WMG associates offer products and services that meet the highest certifications and performance standards in the industry. Included are:​

  • Tribometry testing​
  • Hazard remediation​
  • Remote and local monitoring​
  • Lab research and testing​
  • Product certifications​
  • Training for professional certification​

This unique and innovative approach to walkway safety helps our clients prevent hazards. This pioneering concept makes walkway safety "mainstream" in that it provides economic, cost-effective solutions applicable to every walkway in America.


Our aim is to offer a one stop "solution shop" that can be tailored to any industry segment, any property configuration, and every area accessible to the walking public. The demand for comprehensive solutions to the slip and fall epidemic is great and growing at alarming rates. No other walkway safety company can compare in the value it creates for its network associates and their clients. Our staff of highly qualified architects, attorneys, forensic consultants, project coordinators, IT professionals, lab and tribometry engineers, as well as marketing specialists will all contribute to the success of building your company. "One stop shop" truly means that we can cover every aspect of walkway safety management.