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Slip Resistance: Understanding the Importance and Standards

Slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of injuries, and they can happen anywhere, from homes and offices to public spaces and industrial settings. Slip resistance is a critical factor in preventing such accidents, and there are several standards and testing methods to ensure that floors and surfaces meet the required safety levels. In this article, we will discuss the importance of slip resistance and the standards that regulate it, as well as a company that offers slip resistance testing and treatments.

Understanding Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is the ability of a surface to resist slipping or skidding, even when wet or oily. It depends on several factors, such as the type of material, the texture of the surface, and the presence of contaminants. Slip resistance is crucial in areas where people walk, run, or stand, such as floors, stairs, ramps, and walkways. Slip-resistant surfaces reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and liability claims.

Slip Resistance Standards

The ANSI A326.3 is the only recognized slip resistance standard in the USA, and it specifies the procedures for testing the slip resistance of flooring surfaces using a tribometer measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. The BOT-3000E Tribometer is the only device named for use in the ANSI A326.3 standard, and it measures the dynamic coefficient of friction between the test surface and a standardized SBR rubber sensor. Old standards that reference Static Coefficient of Friction are outdated and have been withdrawn.

Slip Resistance Testing and Treatment Company

Walkway Management Group (WMG) is the USA's #1 choice for floor safety, slip resistance testing services, and non-slip treatment services. They offer a range of services, such as slip testing, anti-slip coatings, and floor safety audits. Their website has several useful links for those interested in slip resistance, such as:

WMG also offers slip resistance solutions under the brand name BOOST MAX. BOOST MAX is a slip-resistant nano sealant that can make any floor non-slip, easy to clean, and more durable. WMG America has a useful before and after gallery that showcases the effectiveness of their treatments.


Slip resistance is a crucial factor in preventing accidents and injuries, and the ANSI A326.3 standard is the recognized standard in the USA for ensuring the safety of floors and surfaces. WMG is a company that offers slip resistance testing and treatment services, as well as products like BOOST MAX, that can improve the slip resistance of floors and surfaces. By prioritizing slip resistance, we can create safer and more comfortable environments for everyone.